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1 Kerala Motor Vehicles Taxation Act 1976
2 Kerala Motor Vehicles Taxation Rules 1975
3 Rent a Motor Cycle Scheme, 1997
4 Rules of Road Regulation (Mal)
5 The Central Motor Vehicles Rules,1989
6 The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988
7 Rent a Cab Scheme, 1989
8 Rules of Road Regulations
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2 Scheme of Financial Assistance for administering Road Safety Advocacy and awards for the outstanding work done in the field of Road Safety
3 06/2022 One Time Settlement of Tax-Direction
4 04/2022 Conversion of vehicles into CNG/LPG mode - Regulation and control of Retro fitment centres
5 05/2022 Approval of Trade Certificates
6 1/2022 General Transfer - 2022
7 23/2021 Guidelines for Payment of Uniform Allowance
8 3/2022 Directions for submitting Confidential Report through Score
9 24/2021 License suspension-reg
10 21/2021 Aadhaar Authenticated Faceless Services
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1 Proceedings of Nodal Officer - Citizen Charter dated 8-11-2021
2 Changes in Citizen charter
3 Citizen charter of Motor vehicle Department
SI Date Direction No. Title Download
1 SSG2/196/2022-TC Direction-Extention of Payment Date for Paying Tax/Installment-reg
2 C1/280/2021-TC Guidelines and procedures regarding Alteration of Vehicles Direction Issued by TC
3 SSG 2/35/2018-TC Learners licence test - additional instructions and settings change from 22 08 2022
4 C1/296/2021-TC Two wheeler riders using helmets with action camera mounted on them – Instructions
5 SSG 2/35/2018-TC Online learners test- physical presence- direcion issues
6 SSG 1/223/2022-TC Camera Fine Remittance-Direction
7 W.P.(C) No.18619 Additional fee for delayed application for renewal of Certificate of Registration-stayed- Interim order of Hon'ble High Court of Kerala in WP(c) No 18619/2022
9 SSG1/467/2021/TC Vahan -Sarathi-Surakshamitra user id-Office Admin change-intimation-reg
10 Issuance of National Permit Authorization
SI Judgement No. Date Title Download
1 WP(C)No.288 of 2022
2 2022 LiveLaw (SC) 174 Interpretation of provisions of rule 174(2)(c) of the Kerala Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 and section 83 of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 by the Honourable Supreme Court
3 WP(C) No.13029 of 1985 MC MEHTA V/S UNION OF INDIA WITH REGARD TO REGISTRATION OF BSIV VEHICLES BS - IV - Registration - Supreme Court Judgment
4 WP(C) no 23021/2018 dated 09/04/2021 Order of Hon High Court
5 W P(C) No 23021/2018 dated 28/10/2019 Judgement i n OP WP(C) No 23021/2018
SI Government order No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
1 GO (Rt) No 353/2022/TRANS dtad 22.08.2022 Transport (B) Department Revision of fee for Pollution Under Control certificates issued by authorized testing centres- Orders issued
2 G.O.(P)No.324/2022/Trans. Transport (C) Department Promotion and Transfer in the cadre of RTO and JRTO
3 G.O.(P)No.315/2022/TRANS Transport (C) Department Promotion order in respect of Sr DTC(Taxation) and DTC
4 G.O.(P)No.307/2022/TRANS Transport (C) Department Transfer & Promotion in the cadre of Joint RTO
5 G.O(P)No. 21/2022/Trans Transport (B) Department Contract carriage grace period extension up to 15-08-22
6 G.O.(P)No.277/2022/Trans. Motor Vehicles Department Promotion and Transfer order in the cadre of RTO
7 G.O.(P) No.18/2022/Trans Transport(B) Extension of grace period for stage carriages
8 G.O(P)No. 13/2022/Trans Transport (B) Department Tax exemptTax Exemption for the vehicle owned by multiple disabilities or mental retardation-reg
9 G.O(P)No. 12/2022/Trans Transport (B) Department Contract carriage grace period extension up to 30-06-22
10 G.O.(P) No.11/2022/Trans Transport (B) One Time Settlement-New
SI Notification No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
1 4237(1)Leg A2-2022-Law Law (Legislation A) Finance Act-2022 Law (Legislation A) Department
2 RT-16011/9/2019-T MoRTH Motor Vehicle Aggregator Guidelines, 2020
3 G.O(P)No. 17/2022/Trans Transport (B) Department Bus Fare As on 01.05.2022
4 G.O.(P)No.23/2022/TRANS Transport (C) Department Revised Select List of Officers suitable for promotion to the post of RTO/ ATC - MVD-2022
5 G.O.(P)No.22/2022/TRANS Transport (C) Department Revised Select List of Officers suitable for promotion to the post of RTO/ ATC - MVD-2021
6 G.O.(P)No.24/2022/TRANS Transport (C) Department Revised Select List of Officers suitable for promotion to the post of RTO/ ATC - MVD-2019
7 A1/190/2021-TC(i) Motor Vehicles Department Revised Select lists of AMVI for the year 2022 and JS for the year 2021
8 S. R. O. No. 483/2022 Transport (B) Department Extend the period of remittance of quarterly tax for the quarter commencing from the 1st day of April, 2022, in respect of stage carriages ordinarily kept in the State, up to the 30th day of June, 2022
9 S.R.O No. 423/2022 Transport (B) Department Appellate Authority as per clause(b) of sub rule (1) of rule 3 of Motor Vehicles
10 S.R.O No. 424/2022 Transport (B) Department Registration Authority as per clause(1) of sub rule (1) of rule 3 of Motor Vehicles
SI Title
1 Road Safety Research Reports
Road Safety research reports by Dr. P M Mohammed Najeeb, Assistant Transport Commissioner


Study of effect of cognitive behavioural therapy for drivers improvement.
A study of psychological factors influencing dangerous driving, speeding and violations behaviour of drivers.
SI Date GSR No. Title Download
1 660(E) International Driving Permit - new booklet format
2 625(E) Central Motor Vehicles (12th Amendment) Rules, 2022
3 617 (E) Central Motor Vehicles (11th Amendment) Rules, 2022
4 511 (E) Cenral Motor Vehicles - Amendment Rules, 2022
5 340(E) Cenral Motor Vehicles - Amendment Rules, 2022
6 299(E) Amendment of CMRules1989
7 720(E) Central motor Vehicles (Twenty Fourth Amendment)Rule 2021
8 676(E) Central motor Vehicles (Twenty second Amendment)Rule 2021
9 653(E) Motor Vehicles (Registration and Functions of Vehicle scrapping Facility)Rules2021Twentieth Amendment)Rule 2021
10 15(E) Central motor Vehicles (First Amendment)Rule 2021
SI Date SO No. Title Download
1 1533(E) provisions of rule 100
2 859 (E) Implementation of Section 50-57 and 93 of MV(A) Act, 2019
3 691(E) Section 44 on force
4 359 (E) Amendment Of Section 109 - subsection (3)
5 5419(E) Amendment in Notification
6 SO 3220 (E) Rent a Motor Cycle (Amendment) Scheme, 2021
7 SO 3202 (E) Rent-a-Cab (Amendment Scheme), 2021
8 2914 SO 2914(E) MoRTH
9 2806(E) SO 2806
10 2513(E) e-governance centre as facilitation centre
SI Date AIS No. Title Download
1 140 List of Qualified (AIS 140)-Vltd Manufacturers
2 Draft AIS-164 AIS Draft164 FOR PROVISIONS REGARDING Constructional and Functional Requirements for Insulated Vehicles
3 Draft AIS-129 Draft AIS-129 Provision for end of life vehicles
4 163 Type of approval of SPV'S for complaince to CMV Rules
5 167 Constructional and functional requirements for special purpose vehicle-two wheeled first responder-fire
6 163 Type Approval
7 167 Draft AIS 167
SI Date Draft Notification No. Issuing Department Title Download
1 683(E) MoRTH Cenral Motor Vehicles Amendment Rules, 2022
2 GSR 503 (E) MoRTH Cenral Motor Vehicles Amendment Rules, 2022
3 GSR 481 (E) MoRTH Cenral Motor Vehicles Amendment Rules, 2022
4 20/B2/2022/Trans Transport (B) Department Government draft rules - 20/B2/2022/Trans
5 No. RT-11036/194/2021-MV MoRTH Draft notification of Motor Third Party Premium Rates for the Financial Year (FY) 2022-23 for stakeholder’s consultation
6 GSR886(E) MoRTH Proposed to amend CMVR 1989 by inserting a new rule 125 k regarding safety requirements viz. braking, power to weight ratio, lighting, maneuverability etc for Road trainss
7 GSR 885(E) MoRTH Triple Deck to transport two wheelers safety requirements for Road Transport and norms
8 No.65/B2/2019/Tran Transport (B) Department Amendment of the RulesIn the Kerala Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, for sub-rule (1) of rule 260A
9 GSR 165(E) MoRTH Vehicle Height
SI Date Draft Rule No. Title Download
1 659(E) Cenral Motor Vehicles Amendment Rules, 2022
2 Draft rule
3 234 Central motor Vehicles (.......Amendment)Rule 2022
4 175(E) Central Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Rules, 2022
5 166(E) Central motor Vehicles (.......Amendment)Rule 2022
6 127(E) Central motor Vehicles (.......Amendment)Rule 2022
7 106(E) Central motor Vehicles (.......Amendment)Rule 2022
8 GSR 98 (E) Renewal of fitness through Automated Testing Stations
9 886(E) Central motor Vehicles (.......Amendment)Rule 2021
10 885(E) Central motor Vehicles (.......Amendment)Rule 2021
SI Date Title Download
1 2016 - 2017