Our Mission and Vision


Kerala Motor vehicles department functions as taxation and regulatory
authority in the transportation Sector, provides efficient and transparent
services to citizen, and ensures safety on roads through implementation
and enforcement of Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and associated rules.


By adopting smarter technological solutions and by embracing a data driven ,
research oriented, scientific approach;

MVD Seeks to,

  • Deliver transparent and efficient services to the citizen by reducing

       compliance burdens.

  • Function as a think-tank and advisory body in the area of mobility.
  • Assist in developing a seamless and integrated mobility matrix with a goal to

       improve existing transportation culture.

  • Encourage sustainable and green transportation systems.
  • Substantially reduce road crashes, related injuries, and fatalities; by

       improving road user culture and broadening enforcement coverage by
       means of automated enforcement technologies, and work towards a
       “VISION ZERO” (accident) target.