About the Department

  The Kerala Motor Vehicles Department functions under the provisions of Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. Department is primarily established for enforcement of provisions of Motor Vehicle Act 1988, Kerala Motor Vehicles Taxation Act,1976 and the rules framed there under. The Kerala Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) has been facilitating computerization of over 18 Regional Transport Offices ( RTOs),14 Safe Kerala Control Rooms,68 Sub Regional Transport offices(SRTOs) and 19 Motor Vehicles Check Posts(MVCP) across the state. Kerala Motor Vehicle Department is entrusted with the responsibility of providing registration of vehicles in Kerala, issuance of Driving license,issuance of various permits,collection of road taxes and control of vehicular pollution. Safe Kerala Wing of MVD is for road safety activities and Enforcement of Motor Vehicles Act. Through these regulatory activities, the Motor Vehicles Department is one of the major revenue earners for the State exchequer.


   The Department is regulated by Government of Kerala in terms of policy formation and implementation. The department is administered by the Transport Commissioner who is the Head of the Department.