Our Commitment

Road transport is a very vital area of public interest. We are committed to absolute integrity and judiciousness, courtesy and transparency in our efforts to achieve the above stated mission. We consider it our responsibility to enlighten the public about their rights and entitlements. It is our earnest endeavour to educate the public about the procedures associated with the various activities and transactions in the department. Thus the Department is trying to revitalize and simplify the various functions and activities and make them more people-friendly.

To render help to the public an effective and efficient public relations system was set up in all offices of the department. After considerable thought we have fixed practicable time limits for various services rendered from the offices. We make sincere and earnest efforts to adhere to the time limit as far as possible. We have introduced a revolutionary change in the issue of driving licence i.e. the licence is issued on the spot on the same day of the test. Another notable reform is the introduction of Computer Aided Learner's Licensing System(CALLS) for the issuance of learners’ driving licence and issue of the same on the spot. The CALLS was inaugurated on 23.05.2002 by the Hon'ble Minister for Transport.