SI Circular No. Date Title Download
21 2/2023 Uniform
22 1/2023 Direction to Officials
23 10/2022 Acquiring Personal properties
24 9/2022 Tax collection-All India (Permit and Authorization) Rule
25 8/2022 Instructions for serving demand notice to Tax defulters.
26 Scheme of Financial Assistance for administering Road Safety Advocacy and awards for the outstanding work done in the field of Road Safety
27 06/2022 One Time Settlement of Tax-Direction
28 04/2022 Conversion of vehicles into CNG/LPG mode - Regulation and control of Retro fitment centres
29 05/2022 Approval of Trade Certificates
30 1/2022 General Transfer - 2022
SI Date Direction No. Title Download
21 B1/93/2021-TC Articulated vehicle tax regarding.
22 SSG 1/68/2023-TC Tax of tourism caravan regarding.
23 SSG1/87/2023-TC Tax regarding stage carriage
24 ബി4/10/2023/ടി.സി നികുതി കുടിശ്ശിക പിരിവ് ഊർജ്ജിതപ്പെടുത്തുന്നത് സംബന്ധിച്ച്
25 C1/57/2023/TC Dated. 16-02-2023 Surveillance Camera Mandatory on Stage Carriage from 01-03-2023
26 C3-199-2022-TC Registration of new Vehicles whose cabin and body built in workshops -Instructions
27 C3-157-2022-TC,dated 09.01.2023 Installing induct UV-C Disinfection system in all Air Conditioned Public Transport plying in state of Kerala
28 C1-317-2022-TC Lenears Licence-Physically challenged person-directions
30 SSG 1/250/2020-TC DTD 17-10-2022 MVCP - FROM 21-10-2022- DIRECTION ISSUED
SI Government order No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
21 GO(P) No.13/2023/TRANS Dtd.03.05.2023 TRANSPORT Nationalization of 31 routes- Notification -
22 G.O.(P). No 4/2023 Trans, G.O.(P). No 5/2023 Trans, G.O.(P). No 6/2023 Trans, Transport (B) Finance Bill 2023
23 G.O.(Rt)No.120/2023/TRANS Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 22-03- 2023 TRANSPORT Institutions conducting training to the drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous and hazardous goods-Guidelines
24 B2/481/2022 Trans TRANSPORT Modification in Uniform of AMVIs
25 G.O.(P)No.31/2022/Trans dated 04.11.2022 Kerala Motor Vehicles (third Amendment rules)2022
26 GO (Rt) No 353/2022/TRANS dtad 22.08.2022 Transport (B) Department Revision of fee for Pollution Under Control certificates issued by authorized testing centres- Orders issued
27 G.O.(P)No.324/2022/Trans. Transport (C) Department Promotion and Transfer in the cadre of RTO and JRTO
28 G.O.(P)No.315/2022/TRANS Transport (C) Department Promotion order in respect of Sr DTC(Taxation) and DTC
29 G.O.(P)No.307/2022/TRANS Transport (C) Department Transfer & Promotion in the cadre of Joint RTO
30 G.O(P)No. 21/2022/Trans Transport (B) Department Contract carriage grace period extension up to 15-08-22
SI Notification No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
21 S.R.O No. 1063/2022 Transport (B) Department Amend rule 406 of the Kerala Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989
22 4237(1)Leg A2-2022-Law Law (Legislation A) Finance Act-2022 Law (Legislation A) Department
23 RT-16011/9/2019-T MoRTH Motor Vehicle Aggregator Guidelines, 2020
24 G.O(P)No. 17/2022/Trans Transport (B) Department Bus Fare As on 01.05.2022
25 G.O.(P)No.23/2022/TRANS Transport (C) Department Revised Select List of Officers suitable for promotion to the post of RTO/ ATC - MVD-2022
26 G.O.(P)No.22/2022/TRANS Transport (C) Department Revised Select List of Officers suitable for promotion to the post of RTO/ ATC - MVD-2021
27 G.O.(P)No.24/2022/TRANS Transport (C) Department Revised Select List of Officers suitable for promotion to the post of RTO/ ATC - MVD-2019
28 A1/190/2021-TC(i) Motor Vehicles Department Revised Select lists of AMVI for the year 2022 and JS for the year 2021
29 S. R. O. No. 483/2022 Transport (B) Department Extend the period of remittance of quarterly tax for the quarter commencing from the 1st day of April, 2022, in respect of stage carriages ordinarily kept in the State, up to the 30th day of June, 2022
30 S.R.O No. 423/2022 Transport (B) Department Appellate Authority as per clause(b) of sub rule (1) of rule 3 of Motor Vehicles
SI Date GSR No. Title Download
21 652 Central motor Vehicles (Twenty first Amendment)Rule 2021
22 596(E) Central motor Vehicles (Eighteenth Amendment)Rule 2021
23 594 Central motor Vehicles (Twentieth Amendment)Rule 2021
24 525(E) Central motor Vehicles (sixteenth Amendment)Rule 2021
25 172(E) Motor Vehicles Registration and Functions of vehicle Scrapping Facility Amendment Rules,2022
26 163 (E) Compensation to Victims of Hit & Run Motor Accidents, Schemes 2022
27 162 (E) Central Motor Vehicles (Motor Vehicle Accident Fund ) Rules, 2022
28 161(E) Central Motor Vehicles ( Fourth Amendment ) Rules, 2022
29 153(E) Central Motor Vehicles (3rd Amendment) Rules, 2022
30 126(E) Central motor Vehicles (second Amendment)Rule 2022
SI Date SO No. Title Download
21 1231 Central Motor Vehicles (Amendment)Act ,2019(32of 2019)
22 1026(E) Aadhaar as identity proof
SI Date Draft Rule No. Title Download
21 Draft Rule
22 GSR352(E) Central Motor Vehicles (....Amendment)Rules,2021
23 GSR287(E) Central Motor Vehicles (....Amendment)Rules,2021
24 278(E) Central Motor Vehicles (....Amendment)Rules,2021
25 GSR276(E) Central Motor Vehicles (....Amendment)Rules,2021
26 GSR220(E) Central Motor Vehicles (....Amendment)Rules,2021
27 190(E) Registration and functions of Vehicle scrapping facility
28 177(E) Non renewal of RC of Government Vehicles
29 172(E) Central Motor Vehicles (....Amendment)Rules,2021
30 144(E) Central Motor Vehicles (....Amendment)Rules,2021