SI Circular No. Date Title Download
61 05/12 Enhancing road safety by enforcement wing of Motor Vehicles Department - Minimum target of check reports and compounding fee revised.
62 04/12 Enforcement of office discipline and upkeep and maintenance of statutory registers.
63 03/12 General Transfer 2012- Fresh applications invited.
64 02/12 Implementation of Biometric Attendance System.
65 01/12 General Transfer 2012- Applications invited.
66 24/11 Digital Mini Cameras to enforcement officers - usage instructions.
67 23/11 Dispatch of documents to applicants.
68 22/11 Training for newly recruited LDCs/ LDTs.
69 21/11 Safe custody of files related to registration works.
70 20/11 Directions regarding conducting of driving test.
SI Government order No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
61 GO (P) No 55/2020/Trans Transport (B) Exemption of tax in respect of KSRTC onwed workshop vans and staff cars
62 GO (P) No 54/2020/Trans Transport (B) Amendment in GO(P) 41/2019 - Extension of time for VLTDs for GVs
63 GO (P) No 53/2020/Trans Transport (B) GO 43/2019 Erratum
64 GO (P) No 320/2020/Trans Transport (C) Promotion to the Post of JTC Enf, Sr DTCTax, DTC, RTO
65 GO (P) No 309/2020/Trans Transport (C) Notional Promotion of JTC Enforcement
66 GO (P) No 301/2020/Trans Transport (C) promotion to the Cadre of JRTO
67 GO (P) No 51/2020/Trans Transport (B) Goods vehicle Grace Period extended upto 30/10/2020 for GVs for QC 01/07/2020
68 GO (P) No 46/2020/Trans Transport (B) Revised List of officers for the post of JRTO/ PA to DTC/Asst Secy STA
69 GO (P) No 12/2020/Trans Transport (B) Jurisdictio of Offices
70 GO (P) No 35/2020/Trans Transport (B) KL 21 S 4552 -Exemption for LPSC Vehicle from CMVR 1989
SI Notification No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
61 S.R.O.No.460/2020 Transport (B) Extend of period of remittance of Quarterly tax
62 S.R.O.No.459/2020 Transport (B) Extend of period of remittance of Quarterly tax with respect to NTV &Contract Carriage
63 S.R.O.No.458/2020 Transport (B) Jurisdiction of SRTO Varkala and redefine the area of SRTO Nedumangad
64 S.R.O.No.455/2020 Transport (B) Notify the area comprising SRTO Konni and redefine the area comprising of Adoor,Mallappally,Ranni and Thiruvalla
65 S.R.O.No.452/2020 Transport (B) fare of stage carriages
66 S.R.O.No.440/220 Transport (B) Extend of period of remittance of annual tax to be paid as lupsum
67 S.R.O.No.435/2020 Transport (B) Exemption of LPSC vehicles from rules (1),(2),(3),&(4) of rules 93 of CMV rules
68 S.R.O.No.395/2020 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quarterly tax
69 S.R.O.No.372/2020 Transport (B) Kerala Transport Services(Amendment)Special Rules
70 S.R.O.No.366/2020 Transport (B) Revoking directions of S.R.O.N.o.333/2020