SI Circular No. Date Title Download
61 08/2019 Type Approval - Ending- Reg
62 10/2020 Transfer of Vehicle - Revised Instruction ,
63 9/2020 Subject related to Vehicle Tax in the Budget- reg
64 8/2020 Court Cases - Procedure for disposal of suits / litigations
65 6/2020 Carrying children on petrol tank of two wheelers -reg
66 4/2020 Vehicle Number Reservation fee-reg
67 7/2020 Conducting Surprise inspection by Anti Corruption Department-Reg
68 5/2020 File recording and disposal in Motor Vechicle Department- Reg
69 2/2020 PRO Recruitment -reg
70 1/2020 General Transfer 2020
SI Date Direction No. Title Download
61 A5/30701/TC/2013 Uniform for permanent drivers of Motor Vehicles Department
62 E1/104/2019 TC Judgement in WP(C) No.7164 Direction Issued
63 SSG2/48/TC/2019 HSRP Directions
64 G3/4937/TC/2007 Internal Vigilance cell- constituting of
65 D3/17352/STA2010 revision of fare charge
66 C1/41/TC/2019 Alteration of motor vehicle
67 A5/30701/TC/2013 Uniform for permanent drivers of Motor Vehicles Department
68 C1/9407/TC/2015 Making Road Transport Tobacco free - COTPA 2003
69 MIT-5/29/2018-TC Implementation of VLTDs in Public Service Vehicles - Procedures and Monitoring - Directions issued. Annexure A , Annexure B , Annexure C
70 c1/e-63269/TC/2018 Cancellation of temporary permit-Directions issued-Reg
SI Government order No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
61 G.O (Rt) No. 193/2021/Trans Transport Department Promotion,Transfer & Postings - Joint Transport Commissioner, Deputy Transport Commissioner
62 G.O.(P)No.15/2021/Trans Transport (B) 15 Year Diesel Autorickshaws Time extension upto 31/05/2021
63 G.O.(Rt)NO.236/2020/TRANS Transport (B) Permission to use Vahan Sarathi in all Offices
64 G.O(P)No.62/2020 Transport (B) Department G.O.(P) No 62/2020/Tran(S.R.O No 841/2020)Increase in Advertisement rates, Duplicate license fee, fancy number etc
65 G.O.(Rt)NO.94/2021/TRANS Transport (C) Promotion,Transfer &postings
66 G.O(P)No.12/2021 Transport (B) Department Electric Vehicles Tax Reduction-Reg
67 G.O(P)No.11/2021 Transport (B) Department Tax Excemption for Vehicles Registred In The Name of Institutions in Palliative Care and Used for Palliative Care Activities
68 G.O(P) No. 10/2021/Trans Transport (B) Department Installment for arrear tax
69 G.O(P) No. 9/2021/Trans Transport (B) Department Tax Exemption in respect of SC's and CC's for the quarter commencing 1st day of the Jan 2021
70 G.O.(P)No. 68/2020/TRANS Transport (C) Department Final Seniority List of Joint Regional Transport Officer as on 01.01.2019
SI Notification No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
61 S.R.O.No.92/2021 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quarterly tax
62 S.R.O.No.79/2021 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quarterly tax
63 A1/101/2020/TC(i) Motor vehicles Department DPC Lower
64 S.O4252(E) MoRTH Protective Helmet for two wheelers
65 S.O.4251(E) Draft No.RT.16011/09/2019-T(part1)
66 S.O.3311 MoRTH Amendment Act 2020
67 S.O.3204(E) MoRTH Carriage of Oxygen in transport vehicles during Novel Corona Virus(Covid)Pandemic
68 S.R.O.No.917/2020 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quartely tax
69 S.R.O.No.856/2020 Transport (B) Exemption of green tax for KSRTC vehicles
70 SRO NO.849/2020 Transport (B) Exemption of tax for public service vehicles and educational buses used for Election purpose