SI Circular No. Date Title Download
51 4/2020 Vehicle Number Reservation fee-reg
52 7/2020 Conducting Surprise inspection by Anti Corruption Department-Reg
53 5/2020 File recording and disposal in Motor Vechicle Department- Reg
54 2/2020 PRO Recruitment -reg
55 1/2020 General Transfer 2020
56 19/2019 GPS Facility in Vehicles- Directions - reg
57 14/2019 Other State Driving License Transfer -reg
58 12/2019 Off Time Duty Register - Reg
59 9/2019 License Renewal Regarding
60 6/2019 Official email IDs of enforcement officers/control room/safe kerala
SI Date Direction No. Title Download
51 MIT-5/18781/TC/2014 Refund procedure for online payments done through e-Treasury.
52 C2/347/TC/2016 Safety of school children during transportation.
53 C1/9407/TC/2015 Making Road Transport Tobacco free - COTPA 2003
SI Government order No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
51 G.O(P)No. 6/2021/Trans Transport (B) Department Grace Period Extension for S/C,G/Cs
52 G.O(P)No.5/2021/Trans Transport (C) DPC Higher
54 GO(P) No 1/2021/Trans Transport (B) One Time settlement Extended upto 31/03/2021
55 G.O.(P)No. 70/2020/Trans Transport (B) Department G.O.(P)No. 70/2020/Trans
56 B2/224/2020/Trans Transport (B) Postal Charges collected along with Service Charge - Directions from Govt
57 GO (P) No 67/2020/Trans Transport (C) Revised Select List
58 GO(P) No 66/2020/Trans Trasnsport (C) Reveised Select List of JRTOs
59 GO(RT) NO 446/2020/Trans 23/12/2020 Transport (C) Promotion to RTO, JRTO
60 GO (RT) No 290/2020/Trans Transport (B) Code of Practice for Construction and Approval of Trucks Cabs & Truck Bodoes- Implementation
SI Notification No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
51 S.O.3311 MoRTH Amendment Act 2020
52 S.O.3204(E) MoRTH Carriage of Oxygen in transport vehicles during Novel Corona Virus(Covid)Pandemic
53 S.R.O.No.917/2020 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quartely tax
54 S.R.O.No.856/2020 Transport (B) Exemption of green tax for KSRTC vehicles
55 SRO NO.849/2020 Transport (B) Exemption of tax for public service vehicles and educational buses used for Election purpose
56 S.R.O.No.841/2020 Transport (B) Kerala Motor Vehicles( Second Amendment)Rules 2020
57 S.R.O.No.807/2020 Transport (B) Extension of tax in respect of workshop vans and staff cars owned by KSRTC
58 S.R.O.No.787/2020 Transport (B) 50% exemptionof tax
59 SRO NO.779/2020 Transport (B) Kerala Motor Vehicles( Amendment)Rules 2020
60 S.R.O.No.773/2020 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quarterly tax
SI Date GSR No. Title Download
51 148(E) Central Motor Vehicles (Third Amendment)Rules,2021
52 401(E) Amendment of CMRules1989(Fifth Amendment)Rules 2020
53 308(E) Amendment of CMRules1989(Fourth Amendment)Rules 2020
54 178(E) Amendment of CMRules1989(Third Amendment)Rules 2020
55 104(E) Amendment of CMRules1989
56 37(E) Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 ( First AmendmentRules2020)
57 21(E) Central Motor Vehicles ( Second Amendment)Rules,2021