SI Order Number Order Date Description Employee Category View/Download
1 G.O.(Rt)No.321/2021/TRANS Promotion -JRTO Joint Regional Transport Officer
2 A2/33/2020-TC OA TO Clerk Promotion OA To Clerk
3 A4/14/2021/TC (iii) Promotion, Transfer and postings of Motor Vehicles Inspectors in Enforcement Wing-Orders Issued Motor Vehicle Inspectors
4 G.O(Rt) No.257/2021/Trans General Transfer 2021- Promotion, Transfer and Posting in the cadre of HA, HC& PRO HA,HC and PRO
5 G.O(Rt) No.257/2021/Trans Promotion and Transfer in the cadre of JRTO JRTO
6 G.O(Rt) No.245/2021/Trans Promotion & Transfer Order of RTO's RTO
7 G.O.(Rt)No.193/2021/TRANS Promotion-DTC DTC
8 A4/56/2021/TC Promotion, Transfer and postings of Senior Superintendents Senior Superintendent
9 A4/32/2020/TC Promotion, Transfer and postings of Office Attendents as Attender Grade II Attendents
10 A4/56/2021/TC Promotion,Transfer &postings-Senior Superintendents Senior Superintendent