Road Safety Club

Under the jurisdiction of Regional Transport Offices and Joint Regional Transport Offices, Road Safety Club in colleges and schools were constituted for involving the student community in road safety activities and to create awareness on Road Use. Such 68 clubs were setup throughout Kerala.

The objectives of the clubs are:

  • To educate road users about traffic rules, traffic regulations and related matters.
  • To develop skills among the students for interacting with various traffic situations.
  • To assist in the enforcement of traffic rules
  • To work as a volunteer forum for aiding Trauma Care activities.
  • To undertake all required activities for ensuring safety of the users on road.

Analyzing the cause of various fatal accidents we give some hints for your safety. Please read it carefully and grasp the points.

  • While riding in motor cycle, great attention is needed as the person in the pillion seat tries to adjust a comfortable position for him resulting loss of control to person driving the motor cycle.
  • While entering to a main road from sub road, always try to drive at the middle of the road. Hence the other speeding vehicles from same side of main road try to sidelines left which help to avoid accident. If you try to drive left side instead of middle, the chance is very high that the speeding vehicles from your rear side try to move right resulting head on collision with vehicles arriving from opposite side.
  • Always keep safe distance from vehicles in front of you.
  • Avoid worn-out tires. Bursting front wheel result in fatal accident than rear wheel.
  • While driving from higher altitude to lower, always ensure lower gear position.
  • You cannot judge speed of vehicle in a splash of time. Hence while crossing road, at least 10 seconds needed for assuming relative position of speeding vehicle in the road.
  • The accident rate of light coloured vehicle is low compared with dark coloured vehicle.
  • While riding motor cycle, touching front brake lever by hand and foot brake by right leg may increase your confidence of controlling vehicle in unexpected moment.
  • Drunken driving leads to over confidence and lower power of judgment while driving which is the cause more of the total accident caused.
  • While opening door from the vehicle, you must ensure that no vehicle is arriving from the rear side, as there is a chance of hitting vehicle, particularly by two wheelers, from rear side.