SI Circular No. Date Title Download
81 09/11 Closed User Group - Instructions and mobile phone numbers.
82 08/11 Instructions regarding reconcilliation of accounts.
83 07/11 Instructions issued with regard to conducting driving test.
84 06/11 Reservation of registration marks.
85 05/11 Weekly range of registration numbers.
86 04/11 Temporary registration validity.
87 03/11 Dealing of files in Malayalam.
88 02/11 Recekless driving and overspeeding of private stage carriages.
89 01/11 Hypothecation endorsement - Instructions issued.
90 15/10 Instructions issued for preventing accidents due to tipper vehicles.
SI Government order No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
81 GO (P) No 18/2020/Trans Transport (B) G Forms and Enhanced One Time tax exemptions due to COVID-19
82 GO (P) No 17/2020/Trans Transport (B) Powers to Govt to extend Grace period for CCs and GVs in Epidemic situation
83 GO (P) No 15/2020/Trans Transport (B) Tax concession of 1/3 of Quarter commencing from 01/07/2020 for SCs
84 GO (P) No 14/2020/Trans Transport (B) One Time Settlement - 2020
85 GO (P) No 13/2020/Trans Transport (B) Allow a Tax Concession of 20 % for the tax payable for the Quarter Commencing from 01/04/2020 - Contract Carriage
86 GO (P) No 2/2020/FIN Finance (Pension D) Time Limit for Ex Gratia Pension Regarding
87 GO (P) No 5/2020/Trans Transport (B) Quarterly Tax remittance without Fine date extended for 30 days wef 15/02/2020
88 GO (P) No 28/2020/Trans Transport (C) Seniority List of DTCs as on 01/12/2019
89 GO (P) No 37/2020/Trans Tranport (B) Fare Rates of stage Carriages wef 03/07/2020
90 GO (P) No 40/2020/Trans Tranport (B) Tax Grace Period Extension for Quarter 01/04/2020 NTVs & CCs
SI Notification No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
81 S.R.O.No.253/2020 Transport (B) Tax concession for stage carriages
82 S.R.O.No.252/2020 Transport (B) One Time Settlement
83 S.R.O.No.251/2020 Transport (B) 20%tax concession for Quarter commencing from 01.04.2020 in respect of Contract Carriages
84 S.R.O.No.208/2020 Transport (B) Extension of grace period of stage carriages
85 S.R.O.No.29/2021 Transport (B) Extension of grace period of contract carriages
86 S.R.O.No.128/2020 Transport (B) Date of complaince regarding installation of vehicle Location tracking Devices in stage carriages and KSRTC buses
87 S.R.O.No.121/2020 Extension of grace period of stage carriages
88 S.R.O.No.27/2020 Code Number of Newly created Offices
89 S.R.O.No.14/2020 Transport (B) Kerala Motor Vehicles(Seventh Amendment)Rules 2019
90 S.R.O.No.10/2020 Transport (B) Kerala Motor Vehicles(Eighth Amendment)Rules 2019