A valid Driving License, issued under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, is an essential document to drive a motor vehicle in any public place in India. In the State of Kerala driving licenses are being issued by the Motor Vehicles Department through its 17 Regional and 42 Sub Regional Transport Offices. One should have proper authorization in the license to drive specific class/classes of vehicle he intends to drive.

Learner’s License

On submission of the application you will be required to undergo a computer based Learner’s test. Your knowledge on Road Rules and Regulations, Signals and signs, Road manners, defensive driving etc will be tested.
Facility for practicing the test is provided in this site; and also in the Information kiosk in the office.
A Learner’s License, valid for six months and valid throughout India, will be issued to you on passing the test. If you fail in the test you can reappear for re-test on any of the coming working days on paying fee of Rs.30/-

Driving Test

Holder of a learner’s license for more than 30days can only appear for driving test. You should produce the application along with the learner’s license in the ground mentioned in the learner’s license on the date and time prescribed in it.
Driving test is conducted in two parts. First part is ground test and the second is road test. In the first part your efficiency in controlling the vehicle will be tested. An 8 track is made for testing part I for two and three wheelers; while an ‘H’ is made for testing the four wheelers.

Forms and Documents required

FORM1:     If you are below 50 years and applying for non-transport driving license, use this form for self declaration of physical conditions.

FORM1 A:     If you are 50years or more and applying for non-transport driving license, or you are applying for a transport vehicle driving license, you should obtain a certificate from a general medical practitioner about your physical condition Form1A.

FORM2:     Application for Learner’s License (you should fill up)

FORM3:     Learner’ License form- (you can fill up some columns)

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