SI Order Number Order Date Description Employee Category View/Download
21 A2-189-2021-TC Directions-general transfer applications invited via SPARK directions-new Download
22 A3/134/2021-TC-Part(1) Transfer and Posting of Junior Superintendents Junior Superintendent Download
23 A2/189/2021 General Transfer - 2022 ALL Download
24 A4/14/2021/TC (i) Transfer and postings in the cadre of Motor Vehicles Inspectors Motor Vehicle Inspectors Download
25 A4/14/2021/TC Transfer and Postings MVI MVI Download
26 A3/129/2021-TC Transfer and Postings AMVI AMVI Download
27 A4/75/2021-TC(ii) Inter district transfer of Sri Rajeev P M, Office Attendant Office Attendent Download
28 A5/167/2021-TC Transfer of typist to RTO trissur Typist Download