Seniority lists

SI Order Number Order Date Description Employee Category View/Download
71 G.O.(P)No.68/2020/Trans Provisional Seniority List of Joint RTOs as on 01-01-2019 Joint RTO Download
72 A3/103/2021 Provisional Seniority list of JS as on 01.01.2021 Junior Superintendent Download
73 A3/104/2021 Provisional Seniority list of HA/HC/PRO as on 01.01.2021 HA/HC/PRO Download
74 A4/46/2021-TC Provisional Seniority list of SS as on 01.01.2021 Senior Superintendent Download
75 A3/79/2021 Provisional Seniority list of AMVI as on 01.01.2021 AMVI Download
76 A3/62/2020 Re fixation of seniority of MVI MVI Download
77 A3/3/2019 Refixation of seniority of Sri.Rajeevan.K,MVI AMVI Download
78 A2/31647/2017/TC Seniority list of OA/Drivers-Erratum OA/DRIVER Download
79 A2/31647/2017/TC Seniority list of OA/Drivers OA/DRIVER Download
80 A1/11/2020-TC(i) Adhoc DPC AMVI,JS Download