Vehicle Permits



Form NoDescriptionEnglishMalayalam
FORM P.Tem.AApplication in respect of a temporary permitDownload 
 Temporary Permit - state transport undertakings  
FORM P.Tem.A (STU)Application for temporary permit by state transport undertakingsDownload 
 Fresh Permit - autorickshaws, motor cab, contract carriages 
FORM P.Co.S.AApplication for permit in respect of a contract carriage to be regularly usedDownload 
 Fresh Permit - private service vehicles  
FORM P.Pr.S.AApplication in respect of a private service vehicle permitDownload 
 Fresh Permit - goods carriage 
FORM P.Gd.S.AApplication for permit in respect of goods carriageDownload 
 Fresh Permit - state carriage
FORM P.St.S.AApplication for a permit in respect of a stage carriage/ reserve stage carriageDownload 
 Fresh Permit - stage carriage - state transport undertaking  
FORM P.St.S.A (STU)Application by state transport undertaking for stage carriage permit in pursuance of an approved schemeDownload 
 Fresh Permit - all india tourist taxi/ omni bus  
FORM 45Application for grant of permit in respect of tourist vehicleDownloadDownload
 National Permit - goods carriage  
FORM 48Application for the grant of national permitDownloadDownload
 Authorisation Certificate  
FORM 46Form of application for grant of authorisation for tourist permit or national permitDownloadDownload
 Special Permit  
FORM P.Sp.AForm of application for special permit under section 88(8) of the motor vehicles act, 1988Download 
 Permit Renewal  
FORM P.R.AApplication for renewal of permitDownload 
 Permit Variation  
FORM P.V.AApplication for replacement of vehicles/ variation of the conditions of permitDownload 
 E.V. Permit  
FORM P.E.AApplication for endorsement/ extension of validity of a permitDownload 
 Other Forms  
FORM 50Bill of ladingDownload 
FORM DStatement to be furnished by the permit holder to the state transport undertakingDownload 
FORM G.C.RGoods carriage recordDownload 
FORM G.C.R.SQuarterly returns and statistics in respect of goods carriagesDownload 
FORM S.C.R.SQuarterly returns and statistics in respect of stage carriagesDownload 
FORM T.G.RTiming register of stage carriagesDownload 
FORM T.RTrip register for public service vehicles to be maintained by the permit holderDownload 
FORM T.S.CTrip sheet for stage carriagesDownload 
FORM T.S.STrip sheet for stage carriagesDownload 
FORM V.I.RVehicle incumbancy registerDownload