Seniority lists

SI Order Number Order Date Description Employee Category View/Download
1 A5/178/2021-TC(ii) Provisional Seniority List of Senior Grade Typists as on 01.11.2021 Typist
2 A5/178/2021-TC(i) Provisional Seniority List of Selection Grade Typists as on 01.11.2021 Typist
3 A5/178/2021-TC(iii) Provisional Seniority List of U D Typists as on 01.11.2021 Typist
4 A5/178/2021-TC(iv) Provisional Seniority List of L D Typists as on 01.11.2021 Typist
5 G.O(P) No. 31/2021/TRANS seniority list of RTO RTO
6 A3/103/2021-TC Seniority List of Junior Superintendent as on 01.01.2021 Finalized -Orders Issued Junior Superintendent
7 A2/66/2020/TC Provisional seniority list of clerks as on 19.10.2021 Clerk
8 A2/138/2021/TC Provisional Seniority list of Senior Clerks as on 01.01.2021 Senior Clerk
9 A1/81/2021-TC Provisional Seniority list of Joint Regional Transport Officer as on 01.08.2021 Joint Regional Transport Officer
10 A1/101/2020 Revised Select List of AMVI and Junior Superintendents AMVI&JS