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SI Government order No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
21 GO (P) No 59/2020/Trans Transport (B) Ban for Diesel Fuel Autorickshaws aged more than 15 Years from 1/1/2021- Amendment 2020 of KMVR
22 GO (P) No 58/2020/Trans Transport (B) Stage Carriage tax grace period extension for QC 01/10/2020
23 GO (P) No 57/2020/Trans Transport (C) Constitution of Cochin Metropolitian Transport Authority
24 GO (P) No 56/2020/Trans Transport (B) Goods Vehicle Tax Period Extension for QC 01/10/2020
25 GO (P) No 55/2020/Trans Transport (B) Exemption of tax in respect of KSRTC onwed workshop vans and staff cars
26 GO (P) No 54/2020/Trans Transport (B) Amendment in GO(P) 41/2019 - Extension of time for VLTDs for GVs
27 GO (P) No 53/2020/Trans Transport (B) GO 43/2019 Erratum
28 GO (P) No 320/2020/Trans Transport (C) Promotion to the Post of JTC Enf, Sr DTCTax, DTC, RTO
29 GO (P) No 309/2020/Trans Transport (C) Notional Promotion of JTC Enforcement
30 GO (P) No 301/2020/Trans Transport (C) promotion to the Cadre of JRTO

About the Department

The Motor Vehicles Department is regulated by the Government of Kerala in terms of policy formulation and its implementation.  The Department is administered by the Transport Commissioner who is the Head of Department.

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