SI Circular No. Date Title Download
71 1/2019 General Transfer 2019
72 10/12 Assessing the value of confiscated vehicles.
73 09/12 Revenue recovery against vehicles having tax arrears.
74 08/12 Posting of officials at the check posts - guidelines.
75 07/12 Imparting training to newly recruited Assistant Motor Vehicles Inspectors.
76 06/12 Functioning of Fast Track Counters on Wednesdays.
77 05/12 Enhancing road safety by enforcement wing of Motor Vehicles Department - Minimum target of check reports and compounding fee revised.
78 04/12 Enforcement of office discipline and upkeep and maintenance of statutory registers.
79 03/12 General Transfer 2012- Fresh applications invited.
80 02/12 Implementation of Biometric Attendance System.
SI Government order No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
71 GO(P) No 1/2021/Trans Transport (B) One Time settlement Extended upto 31/03/2021
72 G.O.(P)No. 70/2020/Trans Transport (B) Department G.O.(P)No. 70/2020/Trans
73 B2/224/2020/Trans Transport (B) Postal Charges collected along with Service Charge - Directions from Govt
74 GO (P) No 67/2020/Trans Transport (C) Revised Select List
75 GO(P) No 66/2020/Trans Trasnsport (C) Reveised Select List of JRTOs
76 GO(RT) NO 446/2020/Trans 23/12/2020 Transport (C) Promotion to RTO, JRTO
77 GO (RT) No 290/2020/Trans Transport (B) Code of Practice for Construction and Approval of Trucks Cabs & Truck Bodoes- Implementation
78 GO (P) No 59/2020/Trans Transport (B) Ban for Diesel Fuel Autorickshaws aged more than 15 Years from 1/1/2021- Amendment 2020 of KMVR
79 GO (P) No 58/2020/Trans Transport (B) Stage Carriage tax grace period extension for QC 01/10/2020
80 GO (P) No 57/2020/Trans Transport (C) Constitution of Cochin Metropolitian Transport Authority
SI Notification No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
71 S.R.O.No.807/2020 Transport (B) Extension of tax in respect of workshop vans and staff cars owned by KSRTC
72 S.R.O.No.787/2020 Transport (B) 50% exemptionof tax
73 SRO NO.779/2020 Transport (B) Kerala Motor Vehicles( Amendment)Rules 2020
74 S.R.O.No.773/2020 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quarterly tax
75 S.R.O.No.741/2020 Transport (B) Period of remittance of quarterly tax
76 S.R.O.No.729/2020 Transport (B) Extension of date of complaince of installation of vehicle Location Tracking Devices
77 GSR 25(E) MORTH Inter Country Transport Vehicle
78 GSR21(E) MORTH Modular Hydraulic Trailors
79 S.R.O.No.700/2020 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quarterly tax for contract carriages
80 S.R.O.No.499/2020 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quarterly tax