SI Circular No. Date Title Download
61 12/2019 Off Time Duty Register - Reg
62 9/2019 License Renewal Regarding
63 6/2019 Official email IDs of enforcement officers/control room/safe kerala
64 2/2019 Finance bill,Tax reduction for the electric vehicles,One time settlement reg/-
65 4/2019 Transfer of vehicles in Vahan software-Instructions reg/-
66 3/2019 reservation of registration numbers and conducting of auction in the vahan software-instructions-Reg/-
67 2/2019 Official email IDs-Instructions issued-Reg
68 1/2019 General Transfer 2019
69 10/12 Assessing the value of confiscated vehicles.
70 09/12 Revenue recovery against vehicles having tax arrears.
SI Date Direction No. Title Download
61 MIT-5/18781/TC/2014 Refund procedure for online payments done through e-Treasury.
62 C2/347/TC/2016 Safety of school children during transportation.
63 C1/9407/TC/2015 Making Road Transport Tobacco free - COTPA 2003
SI Government order No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
61 G.O(P) No. 10/2021/Trans Transport (B) Department Installment for arrear tax
62 G.O(P) No. 9/2021/Trans Transport (B) Department Tax Exemption in respect of SC's and CC's for the quarter commencing 1st day of the Jan 2021
63 G.O.(P)No. 68/2020/TRANS Transport (C) Department Final Seniority List of Joint Regional Transport Officer as on 01.01.2019
64 G.O(Rt) 48/2021/TRANS Transport (C) Department Appointment of Standing Counsel in State Transport Appellate Tribunal
65 G.O(P) No. 7/2021/Trans Transport (B) Department Extension of Grace Period for SCs Commencing from 01.10.2020
66 G.O(P)No. 6/2021/Trans Transport (B) Department Grace Period Extension for S/C,G/Cs
67 G.O(P)No.5/2021/Trans Transport (C) DPC Higher
69 GO(P) No 1/2021/Trans Transport (B) One Time settlement Extended upto 31/03/2021
70 G.O.(P)No. 70/2020/Trans Transport (B) Department G.O.(P)No. 70/2020/Trans
SI Notification No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
61 S.R.O.No.787/2020 Transport (B) 50% exemptionof tax
62 SRO NO.779/2020 Transport (B) Kerala Motor Vehicles( Amendment)Rules 2020
63 S.R.O.No.773/2020 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quarterly tax
64 S.R.O.No.741/2020 Transport (B) Period of remittance of quarterly tax
65 S.R.O.No.729/2020 Transport (B) Extension of date of complaince of installation of vehicle Location Tracking Devices
66 GSR 25(E) MORTH Inter Country Transport Vehicle
67 GSR21(E) MORTH Modular Hydraulic Trailors
68 S.R.O.No.700/2020 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quarterly tax for contract carriages
69 S.R.O.No.499/2020 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quarterly tax
70 S.R.O.No.478/2020 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quarterly tax