SI Circular No. Date Title Download
281 22/2013 Inspection of new transport vehicles for issuing certificate of fitness.
282 21/2013 Fixation of fair value for disposal of unservicable/ confiscated vehicles.
283 20/2013 Pancard needed for registering vehicles costing above Rs. 5 Lakhs.
284 19/2013 Biometric Attendance System - instructions issued.
285 18/2013 Posting of officials at Check Posts - further instructions.
286 17/2013 Posting of officials at Check Posts.
287 16/2013 Instructions for smooth functioning of offices.
288 15/2013 Enforcement of office discipline, upkeep and maintenance of statutory registers, noting and drafting in files - instructions.
289 14/2013 Registration of Camper Van/ Caravan - Levy of road tax.
290 13/2013 Behaviour of staff towards public - instructions issued.
No Government Orders.
SI Notification No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
281 G.O. (P) No. 16/2011/Tran Transport (C) Jurisdiction area of Chalakkudy and Irinjalakkuda.
282 G.O. (P) No. 15/2011/Tran Transport (C) Jurisdiction area of Tirurangadi and Tirur.
283 G.O. (P) No. 3/2011/Tran Transport (B) Kerala Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Rules, 2011 - Reservation of fancy registration mark - Amendment in rule 95 of Kerala Motor Vehicles Rules 1989.
284 G.O. (P) No. 2/2011/Tran Transport (B) Rate of fare charges of autorickshaws and motor cabs.
285 G.O. (P) No. 1/2011/Tran Transport (B) Time limit extended for remitting tax - modified notification G.O. (P) No. 42/2010/Tran dated 24.04.2010
286 C1/19193/TC/2009 Motor Vehicles Name plate for conductors of stage carriages.
287 G.O. (P) No. 59/2010/Tran Transport (B) Kerala Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Rules, 2010 - Amendment in rule 164 of Kerala Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 - Enhancement of fee for temporary permit and special permit of stage carriages.
288 5048/Leg.A2/2010/Law Law (Legislation-A) Finance Bill 2010 - Extract of Motor Vehicles Department
289 G.O. (P) No. 42/2010/Tran Transport (B) Tax arrears - One Time Settlement scheme.
290 G.O. (P) No. 18/2010/Tran Transport (B) Rate of hire for autorickshaws and motor cabs.