SI Circular No. Date Title Download
81 11/10 Directions for safekeeping of holograms.
82 10/10 Disciplinary action against employees.
83 09/10 Dispatch of documents through speed post.
84 08/10 Procedure to be followed while checking vehicles.
85 07/10 Token system in tax collection counters of RTO/ Sub RTO.
86 06/10 Performance evaluation report.
87 05/10 General transfer applications - instructions.
88 04/10 Road Safety Clubs - Action plan for the year 2010-2011.
89 03/10 Fast Track Counters.
90 02/10 Decentralisation of All India Tourist Taxi Services.
SI Government order No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
81 G.O(P) No.20/2020/Trans Transport(B) Quarterly tax remittance of stage carriages extended from 1st day of Jan 2020 to 30th April 2020
82 Transport(B) Permit the operators of transport vehicle other than contract carriages and stage carriages- 1st of April 2020 to 15th may 2020
83 G.O(P) No.18/2020/Trans Transport(B) G.O(P) No.18/2020/Trans
84 G.O(P) No.14/2020/Trans Transport(B) G.O(P) No.14/2020/Trans
85 G.O(P) No.13/2020/Tran Transport(B) Allow a tax concession of 20 percent for the tax payable for the quarter commencing from 1st of April 2020- Contract Carriage
86 G.O(P) No.2/2020/Fin Finance(Pension B) Time limit for Ex-Gratia Pension- Reg
87 G.O(P) No.5/2020/Trans Transport(B) Quartely Tax remittance without fine Date extended for 30 days with effect from 15-02-2020
88 G.O(Rt)No.519/2019Trans Transport(B) Revision of fee for Pollution under control certificates-authorised testing centers
89 GO(Ms)20/2019/Tran Transport(C) Safe Kerala-Procedures and directions- clarrifying
90 GO(P) 40/2019/Tran Transport(B) Remittance of Quarterly tax with out fine for stage carrriages for quarter commensing from 01.10.2019
SI Notification No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
81 GSR 178(E) MORTH Amendment in CMVR, Rule 115
82 G.O. (P) No. 13/2018/Tran Transport (B) Provision for instalment facility for payment of one time tax of Motor cab, Tourist motor cab registered with effect from 01.04.2014.
83 G.O.(P) No. 45/2018/Tran Transport (B) Revision of hire charges of autorikshaws and taxies
84 G.O.(P) No. 45/2018/Tran Transport (B) Taxi Farechart
85 G.O.(P) No. 45/2018/Tran Transport (B) Autorikshaw Farechart
86 G.O.(P) No. 44/2018/Tran Transport (C) Supplementary select list
87 G.O.(P) No.38/2018/Trans Transport (B) Extension of grace period of Stage Carriages for thirty days from 15th November for the quarter commensing from 1st of October 2018
88 G.O.(P) No. 31/2018/Trans Transport(B) Extension of period of remitance of quarterly tax of contract Carriages upto october 30 2018 for the quarter commensing from 1st of october 2018
89 G.O.(P) No. 29/2018/Trans Transport (B) Extension of grace period of Stage Carriages upto September 30 2018 for the quarter commensing from 1st of july 2018
90 126/B2/2016/Tran Transport (B) 8th Interstate Supplemental Agreement with Tamilnadu