SI Circular No. Date Title Download
51 03/12 General Transfer 2012- Fresh applications invited.
52 02/12 Implementation of Biometric Attendance System.
53 01/12 General Transfer 2012- Applications invited.
54 24/11 Digital Mini Cameras to enforcement officers - usage instructions.
55 23/11 Dispatch of documents to applicants.
56 22/11 Training for newly recruited LDCs/ LDTs.
57 21/11 Safe custody of files related to registration works.
58 20/11 Directions regarding conducting of driving test.
59 19/11 Classes on road safety for driving test candidates.
60 18/11 Extension of period of validity of temporary registration.
SI Government order No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
51 GO (P) No 24/2020/Trans Transport (B) Exemption of Tax for Vehicle for Transportation of Migrant Workers during Lock down period
52 GO (P) No 23/2020/Trans Transport (B) Tax Grace Period extension upto June 15 for SCs, CCs, GVs, NTVs
53 GO (P) No 22/2020/Trans Transport (B) Grace period Extension Power- error Rectification for GO 17/2020
54 GO (P) No 21/2020/Trans Transport (B) Electric Vehicles Tax regarding
55 GO (P) No 20/2020/Trans Transport (B) Quarterly tax remittance of SCs extended from 01/01/2020 to 30/04/2020
56 GO (P) No 19/2020/Trans Transport (B) Permission for the operation TVs other than CCs and SCs- 01/04/2020 to 15/05/2020
57 GO (P) No 18/2020/Trans Transport (B) G Forms and Enhanced One Time tax exemptions due to COVID-19
58 GO (P) No 17/2020/Trans Transport (B) Powers to Govt to extend Grace period for CCs and GVs in Epidemic situation
59 GO (P) No 15/2020/Trans Transport (B) Tax concession of 1/3 of Quarter commencing from 01/07/2020 for SCs
60 GO (P) No 14/2020/Trans Transport (B) One Time Settlement - 2020
SI Notification No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
51 S.R.O.No.372/2020 Transport (B) Kerala Transport Services(Amendment)Special Rules
52 S.R.O.No.366/2020 Transport (B) Revoking directions of S.R.O.N.o.333/2020
53 S.R.O.No.339/2020 Transport (B) Taxexemption for stage carriages
54 S.R.O.No.6/2021 Transport (B) One Time Settlement
55 S.R.O.No.333/2020 Transport (B) fixation of fares and freights for stage carriages
56 S.R.O.No.303/2020 Transport (B) Extension of tax for vehicle carrying migrant workers
57 S.R.O.No.294/2020 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quarterly tax
58 S.R.O.No.284/2020 Transport (B) Taxexemption to elecrtic auto for the first five years
59 S.R.O.No.274/2020 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quarterly tax for stage carriages
60 S.R.O.No.259/2020 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quarterly tax