SI Circular No. Date Title Download
71 07/11 Instructions issued with regard to conducting driving test.
72 06/11 Reservation of registration marks.
73 05/11 Weekly range of registration numbers.
74 04/11 Temporary registration validity.
75 03/11 Dealing of files in Malayalam.
76 02/11 Recekless driving and overspeeding of private stage carriages.
77 01/11 Hypothecation endorsement - Instructions issued.
78 15/10 Instructions issued for preventing accidents due to tipper vehicles.
79 14/10 Affixing reflective tapes in vehicles according to AIS:90-2005.
80 13/10 Renewal of permits of vehicles involved in court cases.
SI Government order No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
71 GO (P) No 41/2020/Tran Tranport (B) Select List of Officers for Sr.DTC. RTO. JRTO
72 GO (P) No 42/2020/Tran Tranport (B) Amendment to Notification 1975- Form G Procedure
73 GO(P) No 43/2020/Trans Tranport (B) Grace Period Extension GVs
74 GO(P) No 45/2020/trans Tranport (B) Tax Exemptions SC, CC EIB
75 GO (P) No 1/2020/Tran Tranport (B) Creation of New Offices 80-86
76 G.O(P) No.2/2020/FIN Finance(Pension B) Time Limit for Ex-Gratia Pension
77 G.O(P) No.41/2019/Tran Transport(B) Exemption of public service vehicle from installation of Vehicle location Tracking Device
78 No.RT-11012/02/2019-MVL(pt-8) MVL Validity of documents related to motor vehicle Act 1988 and Central Motor Vehicle Act 1989, under the period of prevention of COVID-19
79 G.O(P) No.26/2020/Trans Transport(B) Fare fixing and freights for stage carriages- reg
80 G.O(P) No.25/2020/Trans Transport(B) Government decided to exempt tax payment of contract carriages and stage carriages coming from other state used for migrant workers etc
SI Notification No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
71 S.R.O.No.14/2020 Transport (B) Kerala Motor Vehicles(Seventh Amendment)Rules 2019
72 S.R.O.No.10/2020 Transport (B) Kerala Motor Vehicles(Eighth Amendment)Rules 2019
73 G.O(P) No 27/2020/Tran Transport(B) Excempion of stage carriage tax
74 G.O(P)No 13 /2020/Tran Transport(B) Tax concession of 20 percent
75 G.O (P) No 10/2020/Tran Tax period extended upto 15 April 2020
76 G.O (P) No 10/2020/Tran Tax period extended upto 15 April 2020
77 G.O_P)No.2/2020/Trans Transport(B) Decided to rectify the mistake
78 G.O.(P) No.37/2019/Trans Transport(B) Compounding Fee
79 GO(P) 30/2019/Trans Transport(B) Enhancement of fines
80 GO(P)NO.16/2019/TRANS TRANSPORT(B) Re-introducing the scheme of one time settlement