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SI Title Download
1 Kerala Motor Vehicles Taxation Act 1976
2 Kerala Motor Vehicles Taxation Rules 1975
3 Rent a Motor Cycle Scheme, 1997
4 Rules of Road Regulation (Mal)
5 The Central Motor Vehicles Rules,1989
6 The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988
7 Rent a Cab Scheme, 1989
8 Rules of Road Regulations
SI Circular No. Date Title Download
1 10/2021 Dealers Trade Certificate Activation On Vahan
2 8/2021 Direction Regarding Contactless New Registration Of Vehicles
3 01/2021 General Transfer 2021-Application invited
4 06/2021 e-office instructions-reg
5 5/2021 Closed User Group (CUG) Mobile Numbers of Officials
6 04/2021 Multiple Data Found in Offices-Instructions-Reg
7 3/2021 Declaration of Personal cash in private cash register
8 02/2021 Attendence of Officials in office during office hours
9 20/2020 Postal Charges collected along with Service Charge - Directions
10 19/2020 Driving Licence- Modified Procedure -EODGB
SI Title Download
1 Changes in Citizen charter
2 Citizen charter of Motor vehicle Department
SI Date Direction No. Title Download
1 Direction regarding contactless service-New Registration
2 H4/5/2021-TC All India Tourist Vehicles (Authorization of Permit)Rule 2021-Directions-Reg
3 SSG2/109/TC/2019 Learners licence-Online
4 MIT5/22/20-TC Installation of Vltd -directions.
5 A1/101/2020-TC(iii) Revised Select list of AMVI 2012 and DPC 23.12.2020
6 ssg1/177/2021 RC Cancellation in VAHAN
8 B2/18/2019/Trans Kerala Motor Vehicles( ....Amendment)Rules 2021
9 SSG 2/298/2020/TC Immediate Disposal of e-mail complaints
10 B2/145/2020/TRANS Acceptance of Postage Fee Online
SI Government order No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
1 G.O.(Rt)NO.236/2020/TRANS Transport (B) Permission to use Vahan Sarathi in all Offices
2 G.O(P)No.62/2020 Transport (B) Department G.O.(P) No 62/2020/Tran(S.R.O No 841/2020)Increase in Advertisement rates, Duplicate license fee, fancy number etc
3 G.O.(Rt)NO.94/2021/TRANS Transport (C) Promotion,Transfer &postings
4 G.O(P)No.12/2021 Transport (B) Department Electric Vehicles Tax Reduction-Reg
5 G.O(P)No.11/2021 Transport (B) Department Tax Excemption for Vehicles Registred In The Name of Institutions in Palliative Care and Used for Palliative Care Activities
6 G.O(P) No. 10/2021/Trans Transport (B) Department Installment for arrear tax
7 G.O(P) No. 9/2021/Trans Transport (B) Department Tax Exemption in respect of SC's and CC's for the quarter commencing 1st day of the Jan 2021
8 G.O.(P)No. 68/2020/TRANS Transport (C) Department Final Seniority List of Joint Regional Transport Officer as on 01.01.2019
9 G.O(Rt) 48/2021/TRANS Transport (C) Department Appointment of Standing Counsel in State Transport Appellate Tribunal
10 G.O(P) No. 7/2021/Trans Transport (B) Department Extension of Grace Period for SCs Commencing from 01.10.2020
SI Notification No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
1 SRO NO.353/2021 Transport (B) Tax installment facility of motor cabs and Tourist Motor cab period extended
2 A3/60/2021 Appointment of AMVI through by transfer
3 A1/101/2020-TC Revised list of AMVI suitable for promotion to post of MVI for the year 2008
4 Transport (B) Amendment to SRO NO.284/2020
5 SRO NO.230/2021 Transport (B) Exemption of tax for vehicle owned by palliative care instituitions
6 SRO NO.215/2021 Transport (B) Exemption of tax for stage carriages
7 GSR 100(E) MoRTH Central Motor Vehicles(....Amendment) Rules 2021
8 GSR56(E) MoRTH Central Motor Vehicles (....Amendment)Rules,2021
9 GSR25(E) MoRTH Inter-Country Transport Vehicles Rules,2021
10 GSR15(E) MoRTH Central Motor Vehicles ( First Amendment)Rules,2020
SI Title
1 Road Safety Research Reports
Road Safety research reports by Dr. P M Mohammed Najeeb, Assistant Transport Commissioner


Study of effect of cognitive behavioural therapy for drivers improvement.
A study of psychological factors influencing dangerous driving, speeding and violations behaviour of drivers.
SI Date GSR No. Title Download
1 278(E) Central Motor Vehicles (....Amendment)Rules,2021
2 277(E) Central Motor Vehicles (Seventh Amendment)Rules,2021
3 240(E) Central Motor Vehicles (Sixth Amendment)Rules,2021
4 144(E) Central Motor Vehicles (....Amendment)Rules,2021
5 GSR 166(E) All India Tourist Vehicles(Autherisation or Permit)
6 173(E) Central Motor Vehicles (Fifth Amendment) Rules, 2021
7 156(E) Central Motor Vehicles (Fourth Amendment)Rules,2021
8 148(E) Central Motor Vehicles (Third Amendment)Rules,2021
9 401(E) Amendment of CMRules1989(Fifth Amendment)Rules 2020
10 308(E) Amendment of CMRules1989(Fourth Amendment)Rules 2020
SI Date SO No. Title Download
1 1655(E) Order from MoRTH-Duties of designated Officer
2 1441(E) Exemption to Transport Vehicle used for carrying Oxygen during Covid-19 period
3 1433(E) Provision of MV(Amendment)Act,2019
4 1406 Amendment of SO 1365(E)
5 1407(E) Order from MoRTH-Rules pertaining to safety glasses
6 1232(E) Percentage of owner reporting identical defect
7 1231 Central Motor Vehicles (Amendment)Act ,2019(32of 2019)
8 1026(E) Aadhaar as identity proof
SI Date AIS No. Title Download
1 163 Type of approval of SPV'S for complaince to CMV Rules
2 167 Constructional and functional requirements for special purpose vehicle-two wheeled first responder-fire
3 163 Type Approval
4 167 Draft AIS 167
SI Date Draft Notification No. Issuing Department Title Download
1 GSR 165(E) MoRTH Vehicle Height
SI Date Draft Rule No. Title Download
1 GSR276(E) Central Motor Vehicles (....Amendment)Rules,2021
2 GSR220(E) Central Motor Vehicles (....Amendment)Rules,2021
3 190(E) Registration and functions of Vehicle scrapping facility
4 177(E) Non renewal of RC of Government Vehicles
5 172(E) Central Motor Vehicles (....Amendment)Rules,2021
6 144(E) Central Motor Vehicles (....Amendment)Rules,2021
7 Central Motor Vehicles (....Amendment)Rules,2021

About the Department

The Motor Vehicles Department is regulated by the Government of Kerala in terms of policy formulation and its implementation.  The Department is administered by the Transport Commissioner who is the Head of Department.

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