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SI Circular No. Date Title Download
11 18/2020 International Driving Permit- Procedure modification-EODGB
12 16/2013 Instructions for smooth functioning of offices.
13 17/2020 Implementation of PUCC Module in Vahan
14 16/2020 Check Post Duty of Officials Regarding
15 14/2020 Ease of Doing Government Business-Online Services
16 12/2020 Full Implementation of e-Office Considering COVID-19 Situation
17 11/2020 Instructions to avoid Visit to Head Office by Departmental Staff
18 13/2020 Motor Vehicles Department Official Logo 2020
19 08/2019 Type Approval - Ending- Reg
20 10/2020 Transfer of Vehicle - Revised Instruction
SI Date Direction No. Title Download
11 G5/832/2016/TC Fitness of vehicles used for driving tests.
12 A5/25/2020 TC Directions regarding the prevention of Covid-19 spread
13 ssg1/smartmove/TC/2020 Smart User ID Creation - Direction and Manual
14 SSG2/19/tc/2019 All India Tourist Taxi Permit Surrender- Reg
15 C1/E-123056/TC2020 DL Renewal - Validity expired for more than a year and less than 5 years Reg
16 A5/25/2020 TC Directions regarding the prevention of Covid-19 spread
17 C1/41/TC/2019 Alteration of motor vehicle
18 A5/30701/TC/2013 Uniform for permanent drivers of Motor Vehicles Department
19 E1/104/2019 TC Judgement in WP(C) No.7164 Direction Issued
20 SSG2/48/TC/2019 HSRP Directions
SI Government order No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
11 G.O(P)No. 6/2021/Trans Transport (B) Department Grace Period Extension for S/C,G/Cs
12 G.O(P)No.5/2021/Trans Transport (C) DPC Higher
14 GO(P) No 1/2021/Trans Transport (B) One Time settlement Extended upto 31/03/2021
15 G.O.(P)No. 70/2020/Trans Transport (B) Department G.O.(P)No. 70/2020/Trans
16 B2/224/2020/Trans Transport (B) Postal Charges collected along with Service Charge - Directions from Govt
17 GO (P) No 67/2020/Trans Transport (C) Revised Select List
18 GO(P) No 66/2020/Trans Trasnsport (C) Reveised Select List of JRTOs
19 GO(RT) NO 446/2020/Trans 23/12/2020 Transport (C) Promotion to RTO, JRTO
20 GO (RT) No 290/2020/Trans Transport (B) Code of Practice for Construction and Approval of Trucks Cabs & Truck Bodoes- Implementation
SI Notification No. Date Issuing Department Title Download
11 GSR797(E) MoRTH Central Motor Vehicles (....Amendment)Rules,2020
12 S.R.O.No.92/2021 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quarterly tax
13 S.R.O.No.79/2021 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quarterly tax
14 A1/101/2020/TC(i) Motor vehicles Department DPC Lower
15 S.O4252(E) MoRTH Protective Helmet for two wheelers
16 S.O.4251(E) Draft No.RT.16011/09/2019-T(part1)
17 S.O.3311 MoRTH Amendment Act 2020
18 S.O.3204(E) MoRTH Carriage of Oxygen in transport vehicles during Novel Corona Virus(Covid)Pandemic
19 S.R.O.No.917/2020 Transport (B) Extension of period of remittance of quartely tax
20 S.R.O.No.856/2020 Transport (B) Exemption of green tax for KSRTC vehicles
SI Date GSR No. Title Download
11 178(E) Amendment of CMRules1989(Third Amendment)Rules 2020
12 Central Motor Vehicles (....Amendment)Rules,2021
13 104(E) Amendment of CMRules1989
14 37(E) Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 ( First AmendmentRules2020)
15 57(E) Central Motor Vehicles (....Amendment)Rules,2021
16 21(E) Central Motor Vehicles ( Second Amendment)Rules,2021

About the Department

The Motor Vehicles Department is regulated by the Government of Kerala in terms of policy formulation and its implementation.  The Department is administered by the Transport Commissioner who is the Head of Department.

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